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Getting to grips with WordPress Command line

Anybody who has used Command Line will know how brilliant it can be. If you know the right commands you can do pretty much anything faster than you could with a GUI, albeit with possibly disastrous ramifications if done incorrectly, but surely that is where half the fun lies!

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Our favourite bits from WordCamp London 2016

We’re all in the office this morning buzzing with enthusiasm after a great weekend at WordCamp London 2016. The conference was, as usual, amazing and full of inspirational speakers on such a diverse range of topics. On the train back last night we started thinking about our favourite speakers and we’ve already got a big list of things we want to either try or change or find out more about over the next few weeks.

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Why we ask for a website budget

If you contact us about a project you’ll see that we ask for a budget and timescale right off the bat. No one has ever questioned the request for timescale but a lot of people are uncomfortable giving a budget so early on. This can be because you have no idea how much it should cost, you genuinely don’t have a budget or, more often, you do have a rough budget in mind but you’re worried that you’d perhaps be putting more money on the table than needed.

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How to change the ‘Default Variant’ in WooCommerce

As a standard, when you create a new WooCommerce Variable Product there is no default variant set. This can be very handy for a simple store that just wants to quickly get products out to sell. A problem arises however if you have additional data assigned to the product, for example personalisation.

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Orin joins the team!

We’re very excited to welcome Orin Bailey to the team as our resident front-end developer, putting the team total to 4 and making our 280 sq. ft. office that little bit cosier. Orin is no stranger, having worked with us last year on quite a few projects, however this latest change makes him a permanent member of HappyKite.

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Storynauts – An eCommerce Experiment

As promised in our very first post, we have launched our own internal eCommerce project. Being the client ourselves has made for a very interesting learning experience and also allows us to be more open about the process, the time and costs associated and the end results. Our hope is to grow the site over the next year or two, sharing our progress along the way.

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Why do I need a Facebook business page?

Many small business owners have this same question – I have spent money having my website built, why on earth do I need a Facebook page too? Well there are many ways in which building your presence on Facebook can help your business if you’re willing to put in the work.

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Hello world!

A new website for a new year! Our old website has served us well, lasting for over 2 years before we got fed up and re-built it. Whether that is testimony to its design or just how busy we’ve been, I’m not sure. The main reason for the re-design is to showcase some of our more recent WooCommerce work and also to launch this blog.

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