Our highlights of WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna

We weren’t off to a brilliant start for our first WordCamp Europe with our flight to Vienna cancelled due to…faulty toilets! Nevertheless, after an unexpected visit to Munich we did eventually make it to Vienna and arrived at our charming AirBnB apartment pretty quickly.Read More

We’ve joined The Web Guild

We’re really excited and thrilled to be able to say that we have now been approved as a fully-fledged member of The Web Guild, an organisation dedicated to raising coding standards, general practices and professional development in the design and development community.Read More

Getting to grips with WordPress Command line

Anybody who has used Command Line will know how brilliant it can be. If you know the right commands you can do pretty much anything faster than you could with a GUI, albeit with possibly disastrous ramifications if done incorrectly, but surely that is where half the fun lies!Read More

Our favourite bits from WordCamp London 2016

We’re all in the office this morning buzzing with enthusiasm after a great weekend at WordCamp London 2016. The conference was, as usual, amazing and full of inspirational speakers on such a diverse range of topics. On the train back last night we started thinking about our favourite speakers and we’ve already got a big list of things we want to either try or change or find out more about over the next few weeks.Read More