Hello world!

A new website for a new year! Our old website has served us well, lasting for over 2 years before we got fed up and re-built it. Whether that is testimony to its design or just how busy we’ve been, I’m not sure. The main reason for the re-design is to showcase some of our more recent WooCommerce work and also to launch this blog.

So what are we going to be writing about‘, I hear you no one cry!

Well primarily we’ll be writing as much good info as we can about WooCommerce and selling online in general. As a full service eCommerce agency we do everything from design and branding, through to development and techy server stuff as well as building growth through content marketing, paid advertising, social media and conversion analysis. As a team, we will be taking it in turns to share our knowledge in these areas and hopefully we’ll all learn something along the way too!

Personally, my favourite way to learn from others is through case studies and so we hope to write case studies of our own. Unfortunately, most clients don’t tend to love it when you share a whole bunch of sensitive data about their business just to demonstrate how awesome you are. As a result, the case studies we do post are likely to be a bit vague on specifics. To combat this, we’re currently building a little internal eCommerce project which we’ll aim to be much more transparent about. More on that soon!

We will also use this as a platform to share our plugins and themes, we currently have two plugins available on WordPress.org and hope to have several more over the coming year.

Finally, we’ll also probably end up writing about our internal processes and workflow. We’re a bit obsessed with workflow, what tools to use, how best to deploy a website, what our development stack should look like and I’m sure that some of that debate will leak out onto this blog in some form or another.

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