Broadley-James’ global reach called for a multi-lingual website delivering different content depending on location.


Advanced Products

Bespoke development was required to support complex products with accessories, extensions and adaptors.


Clear Sales Funnel

Our work on the user journey led to an increase in, and better pre-qualified, sales leads.

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Established in 1965 in Irvine, California, Broadley-James Corporation is a world leader is sensor design and manufacture, specialising in the measurement of pH, Redox (ORP) and dissolved oxygen for bioprocessing and industrial applications.

This project involved creating two separate websites to suit the needs of both the main US Corporation and the European Limited company which also distributes products from partner manufacturers. The website needed to showcase the product range, give accurate part number information and documentation and also provide a useful resource for existing customers with regards to maintenance and part replacement.

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“HappyKite have provided a professional, streamlined approach to our web site development.  The European project although complex was handled with expertise from concept through to delivery with great communication, understanding of a technical product and sophisticated market, all delivered in budget and on time.  After presenting it to the parent company in the USA, they liked it so much they commissioned HappyKite to undertake the total redesign of the US site as well.”

The Broadley-James product range has many complex products which include a large number of parts, all individually purchasable and identified by part number and image but often included on a number of different products. This created a real challenge for us, as previously the content had been broken up into 4 mini-sites with varying experiences and in many cases outdated data. There was also a significant overlap with content and as well as having to edit the same copy in several different places, the company was actually suffering from duplicate content penalties.

We agreed to instead bring all the sites into one central place, with a coherent category structure with filters in place to help find specific products. We also added categories based on product use as well as product type. The complicated systems with many parts, accessories and extensions were condensed into advanced products. To manage this, we needed to create a streamlined admin experience for adding and editing parts and products.

One major problem with the old website was that when changes needed to be made they often had to be made on each product individually, making copy changes laborious and leading to out of date information inevitably slipping through the net. We designed the information architecture in such a way that parts, accessories and products were dynamically populated, for easier management of content.

The European website for Broadley-James was required to be multi-lingual, with a more stripped back version of the website needing to be translated into German, French & Spanish for customers across Europe. For this, we created a multi-site where all versions of the website can be edited and maintained from within the same backend.

Finally, the client also wanted a user-friendly way to access a range of documentation and frequently asked questions which contained a large amount of information. Historically they received a lot of support requests which could instead be answered by the documentation. We overhauled the system for finding documentation and added an easy-to-use FAQs section for the main questions.

Since launching the site, we now manage the ongoing maintenance, supporting both the US and European arms of the business. We are responsible for keeping the sites’ content up-to-date and accurate, through discussion with their customer care team, as well as offering and implementing a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

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