Technical Test

Technical Test for Junior Web Developer Role

For this technical test, we would like you to finish building a basic homepage design we’ve put together. As we’re a WordPress agency, we’ve built this as a very basic WordPress theme, it is just an index.php file with a header.php and footer.php for the (you guessed it!) header and footer code.

You can download / clone the theme files for the test here:

If you’ve never used WordPress before, then we suggest installing a tool called Local. This will allow you to create a WordPress website in a few clicks on your local computer. You can then follow this tutorial to active our theme.

Once activated, you should see a site which has a very basic header area and the beginnings of a homepage layout. We would like you to complete the homepage layout as close as you can to the designs provided (end result should look something like this).

Again, if you’re not familiar with WordPress – then you can find the file you’d need to edit inside:


We have based this on our starter theme, so it does include Sass and Gulp files. If you’ve never used either of those before, then don’t panic – you can simply add / edit the stylesheet directly in the style.css file. If, however, you’re comfortable with Sass and Gulp, then feel free to edit the main Sass file instead.

If you have any questions, then please drop me an email at We also wouldn’t like people to spend too long on this, so if it’s taking longer than about 2 hours, then we’d rather you just packaged up how far you got and sent that over with a note about what you’d have done next if you had time.

I hope that all makes sense, we look forward to seeing your work! 🙂