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Digitally printed books in black and white or colour, paperback or hardback

Printed as a single copy to order and delivered directly to the consumer or in any quantity to anywhere.

The only vertically integrated personalised book publisher in the UK, we have a limited amount of spare capacity at our Scottish plant we are able offer trade publishers outside of our Christmas peak.

Why Signature Press?

The exact quantity you need

The cost of production is much the same after set up and delivery costs if you order one copy or five hundred, only order the books you have orders for.

Minimise storage costs

Keep in stock what you expect sell in a short period, no need to carry 12 months worth of stock.

Sample and Proof Copies

Need a proof copy to show your customers before committing to a longer print run, no problem. This can be provided within days at exactly the same quality you will see on your print run.

UK production

dispatched from our factory in Scotland with onward delivery more economic than from almost anywhere else.

Market Research

Short runs can be produced to test the market with, no need to commit to printing 1000 copies of a colour book to get the unit cost down to a workable level.

Almost instant reprints

Once your book is set up on our system we can dispatch reprint orders from your backlist in as little as the next working day as you receive orders for them.


Experts in personalisation we can create customised product for you to sell to consumers with a bewildering array of options from personalised foiling to any element of the text and cover.

The Highest Standards

HD Inkjet production with finely tuned quality control. Expertise honed from producing our own products sold directly to consumers for some of the biggest global entertainment brands.

Speed of delivery

Being part of a high-volume e-commerce business our factory and processes have been built around the ability to produce large quantities of the highest quality bespoke products at speed, comfortably flexing up and down to seasonal spikes without compromising on quality or service levels.

Worldwide fulfilment

Hundreds of thousands of our own products are dispatched by us every year for the most cost effective delivery within the UK or fully trackable worldwide delivery.

Everything In House

All our printing and binding processes are in house, giving us the greatest amount of control and enabling the fastest possible turnaround.

Process Automation

Every element of our order process has been designed to be as automated as is technically possible with worklow solutions in place that can handle any external integration need.

Our Story

Award-winning industry leaders in personalised gifts.

We are a personalised gifts company and book publisher, founded in 2003 by Kevin Spindler and Mike Herbert. In 2013 Kevin and Mike set up with Deborah Hancock, Signature PG to expand into more general personalised gifts.

We print books for...

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